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"Genius is one per cent inspiration ninety-nine per cent perspiration." - Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931) Harper's Monthly 1932
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Westmorland Youth Orchestra - Folk Evening
Sat, 30th Jun 2018

Brigantes Lodge No. 9734 – Initiation of Robin George
Sat, 2nd Jun 2018

E. Comp Clive Johnson, MEZ Brigantes Chapter No. 9734
Wed, 23rd May 2018

Sharing The Craft Ritual
Thu, 31st May 2018

Donation to Kendal Amateur Boxing Club
Fri, 11th May 2018

Cumberland & Westmorland Freemasons donate new motorcycle to the North West Blood Bikes
Thu, 17th May 2018

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this August
Meridian Lodge No.9803
on the 3rd Monday
Ennerdale Lodge No.4216
on the 3rd Wednesday
Lodge of Perseverance No.371
on the 2nd Tuesday
Solway Chapter No.1220
on the 4th Tuesday

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In Memoriam
In Memoriam

Brethren who have passed to the Grand Lodge above
We remember with affection those Brethren who have practised the Craft, shaped our Province and who have now passed to the Grand Lodge above. Sadly, Brethren have passed on since we began our online database in 2004.

Please report to the webmaster any omissions or inaccuracies found in these records.

Gordon  Read , PPrJGW on 29 June 2004
Sir Galahad Lodge No.5897
W.  Whitfield , PPrGReg on 24 June 2004
Border City Lodge No.2906
Nigel James  Hunter , on 15 June 2004
Union Lodge No.129
Victor  Lewis , Master Mason on 29 May 2004
Temperantia Lodge No.2854
John  Peel , PPrAGDC on 21 May 2004
Temperantia Lodge No.2854
John Edward  Simpson , PPrJGW on 14 April 2004
Belted Will Lodge No.3189
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Public School Lodges Council Festival
Her Majesty The Queen visits Cumbria
HRH is introduced to new members
HRH enters the Masonic Hall Carlisle
Provincial Grand Officers investiture

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