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Tue, 14th Nov 2017

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In Memoriam
Honoured Brethren from Alauna Lodge No.8808 who have passed to the Grand Lodge above.
Richard Bridge
Passed: 12/01/2015
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Alauna Lodge No.8808 Order: Craft Masonry

Meeting at: Freemasons Hall, High Street, Maryport, Cumbria CA15 6EJ

Secretary: Alan Ashbridge

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History and Information

The proposal for a new Lodge in Maryport was the idea of W.Bro. Joseph Steele Kelly (Snr) of Miramar Lodge No.4470, along with W.Bros, John Milligan and Joseph Goodfellow of the Lodge of Perseverance No.371 , to reduce the very rong waiting list which prevailed at that time. A Steering committee of Brethren from the Lodge of Perseverance, together with the Assistant Prov. Grand Secretary, W.Bro William Crellin, was held in the Freemasons Hall, High Street, Maryport on the 23rd February 1977, when the idea was given enthusiastic approval and later, the agreement of the Lodge of Perseverance to act as Sponsor. The steering committee discussed at length as to what the new lodge should be called, and it was W.Bro.Joseph Kelly Snr, a renowned headmaster and local historian, explained in great detail, the histoncal Roman connection of the town and it's Roman fort of ALAUNA ~ only a short distance from our Masonic Hall. This was agreed to be the name of our new lodge, and the emblem which was decided upon had to include the Roman Eagle within a circular scroll bearing the Lodge name and superimposed on the Square and Compasses, designed by the late W.Bro.A1an Wombwell. The lodge was Consecrated on the 28th January 1978 by the R.W.Provincial Grand Master, Bro. The Rev. W.E.A Pugh, when each of the Founding Members were given an earthenware cup suitably inscribed and made at the local Pottery in Waberthwaite, just south of Muncaster. The Sponsoring Lodge of Perseverance No 371 , and neighbouring Lodges, Ewanrigg No.7146, and Miramar Lodge NO.4470 were very supportive in our early years, and indeed still are to the present day. The First Initiate into the Lodge was Joseph Steele Kelly (Jnr) now PPrJGW and who was later installed in the Chair in 1984. Despite being a relatively young Lodge, A1auna had a long list of candidates by the 1960's and went on to Sponsor A1nefoot lodge No.9232 in 1987. The Lodge had the priviledge to celebrate its Silver Jubilee on the 24th February 2003, which was attended by the full Provincial Team.

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