Answers to your questions…….

Who can join?

Any Master Mason in good standing, one month and upwards following his Third Degree ceremony.

How often are the meetings?

Most Chapters meet four times a year. 

Does it cost much?

Significantly less than the Craft. There also is a one-off Exaltation fee.

What is the regalia?

Apron, sash and breast jewel.

Is it really worth it?

Undoubtedly, yes. Craft masons who join the Royal Arch never fail to be impressed by the beauty and profound nature of their Exaltation. The Royal Arch represents the best means to extend your enjoyment of and engagement with Freemasonry. 

Which Chapter should I join?

There are many Royal Arch Chapters in the Province, the details of which are available in the Provincial calendar and website – see the links provided. 

If you are considering joining a Royal Arch Chapter, simply talk to your Worshipful Master, Secretary or Lodge Royal Arch Contact. They will able to provide you with more information and should be able to help you find a Proposer and Seconder.

A New Companion says………

Read the impressions of a recently Exalted candidate in our Province….

“The Royal Arch had been suggested by many brethren and I eagerly put my name forward. Once the evening arrived I was excited and slightly nervous but in a good way and I was greeted with nothing but assurance from my soon-to-be Companions. The exaltation was a truly unique experience. The Temple was magically transformed and the ritual was performed to a very high standard. It washed over me in a spiritual, uplifting way.
I would say to any Brother who is thinking about joining the Royal Arch, “don’t think; just put your name forward!” Believe me; it’s that good!