In Memory of those who have recently departed this life and been called to Higher Service  

    Lived Respected, Died Regretted    

It is with great sadness that the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cumberland and Westmorland announce the passing of the following Brethren and/or Companions to the Grand Lodge above:

DateNameLodge / ChapterNo.
24th March 2021W.Bro William McKay PAGDCGospatric Lodge5286
7th February 2021W.Bro. Maurice Tunstall, PPGJWLewis Lodge872
1st February 2021Bro. Nicholas WilliamsonCurwen Lodge1400
1st February 2021W.Bro. Derek Shield, PPJGWWhitwell Lodge1390
28th January 2021Bro. Graham LeeBelted Will Lodge3189
19th January 2021Bro. John Braithwaite BennSt Mary6537
17th January 2021W.Bro. Frank Willoughby Mifflin, PPJGWCumbria Lodge6643
14th January 2021Bro. Howard DobieDalston Lodge7132
19th December 2020W.Bro. Keith Fisher, PPAGDCScawfell Lodge3768
10th December 2020Bro. Christopher John Jones, PPJGWHelvellyn Lodge8979
20th November 2020Bro. Joseph Henry Hodgson, PPJGWEden Lodge2285
8th November 2020W. Bro Dennis BowerSun and Sector Lodge962
26th October 2020W.Bro. William Mattinson, PPGRegSkiddaw Lodge1002
11th October 2020W.Bro. Thomas Dodd Wilkinson, PJGDUter Pendragon Lodge3481
20th September 2020W.Bro. Tony Gibson, PPGSwdBEllen Vale Lodge7375
17th September 2020W.Bro. Arthur Broadley Turner, PPGReg (Nthmb.)Derwentwater Lodge6375
15th September 2020W.Bro. Alan HodgsonDalston Lodge7132
13th September 2020Bro. David William MorrisLodge of Friendship8275
10th September 2020W.Bro. Albert Southam, PPJGWKenlis Lodge1267
8th September 2020W.Bro. Edwin Gordon Murray, PPJGWHarmony4280
1st September 2020W.Bro. Ronald BeaumontScawfell Lodge3768
28th August 2020W.Bro. Keith Lowthian, PPSGWVale of Eden Lodge2493
27th August 2020W.Bro James W.H.P Spedding, PPSGWGospatric Lodge5286
21st August 2020W. Bro Isaac James CurnowLodge of Friendship8275
27th July 2020W.Bro. David Brown, PPJGD (Nthmb.)Sir Galahad5897
23rd July 2020Bro. Ian Strickland DruryEversley Lodge4228
20th July 2020W.Bro. Derek John Charles DaleyBective Lodge1532
13th July 2020Bro. Keith BellEdenside Lodge6569
24th June 2020W.Bro. William Cameron, PPJGWEllen Vale Lodge7375
23rd June 2020W.Bro. Leslie Young DavisCumbria Lodge6643
21st June 2020W.Bro. Laurie Keen, PAGDCSt Michael Lodge8454
13th June 2020Bro. Derek ChorleyLewis Lodge872
13th June 2020Bro. David Edward JohnsonEdenside Lodge6569
7th June 2020Bro. John SmillieEdenside Lodge6569
5th June 2020Bro. John Dudgeon Robley, PPGSwdBDalston Lodge7132
17th May 2020Bro. Miles Gordon CapstickUnderley Lodge1074
10th May 2020W.Bro. Richard Henry Troughton, PPGSwdBUnion Lodge129
9th May 2020W.Bro. Kevin Ernest Hunter, PPGSuptWksAlauna Lodge8808
7th May 2020Bro. John Edward Scott-Clarke, PPGStdBBective Lodge1532
1st May 2020VW Bro Rev. Canon William Forster Roan, PJGWEden Lodge2285
29th April 2020Bro. James WatsonEnnerdale Lodge4216
23rd April 2020W.Bro. Thomas Jefferson, PPSGDEwanrigg Lodge7146
20th April 2020Bro. Francis Peter GrimesBela Lodge7576
18th April 2020Bro. Sidney Brown, PPGStdBSkiddaw Lodge1002
15th April 2020W.Bro. Hugh Donald Dunwoodie, PPJGDVale of Eden Lodge2493
11th April 2020W.Bro. Joseph Nicholson Birkett, PPAGDCArlecdon Lodge1660
8th April 2020W.Bro. H.J. Bell, PPJGWSkiddaw Lodge1002
4th April 2020Bro. Peter Richard Sherratt, PPDGSwdB (E. Lancs)Union Lodge129
31st March 2020W.Bro. Robert William Ivison, PPJGWArlecdon Lodge1660
31st March 2020W.Bro. John Head, PPJGWEden Lodge2285
30th March 2020Bro. Brian Stewart AtkinsonTemperantia Lodge2854
22nd March 2020W.Bro. Richard Escolme, P.P.GSuptWks (W. Lancs)Lodge of Country Pursuits9898
12th March 2020W.Bro. Christopher Gordon MayneWhitwell Lodge1390
11th March 2020Bro. Robert Gordon HardonSt. John's Lodge8660
28th February 2020W.Bro. Eric Johnstone, PPJGWSt Mary Lodge6537
18th February 2020Bro. Rev. Joseph HogarthLodge of Concord8113
2nd February 2020W.Bro. Bryan Walkerdine, PPSGW (Derbyshire)Bela Lodge7576
31st January 2020W.Bro. Linden George Davies, PProvGSuptWks (W. Lancs.)Windermere Lodge2217
28th January 2020W. Bro David John Wilson, PPAGDCLodge of Concord8113
27th January 2020W.Bro. Norman ArmstrongEllen Vale Lodge7375
17th January 2020W.Bro. John Leslie McTearSolway Lodge1220
5th January 2020W.Bro. Geoffrey Robert Wiggins, PSGDJohn Hale Lodge9733
2nd January 2020W.Bro. Deri FranksCurwen Lodge1400
30th December 2019W.Bro. Derrick John Howard, PPJGWUllswater Lodge3297
23rd December 2019W.Bro. Joseph Mcallister GauntGospatric Lodge5286
17th December 2019W.Bro. George Watt, PPJGWEllen Vale Lodge7375
16th December 2019W.Bro. Dennis Alan Dixon, PPGRegHuddleston Lodge6041
7th December 2019W.Bro. Cyril Hilton Gaskell, PPAGDCGreta Lodge1073
25th November 2019W.Bro. Alan Barratt, PPSGDHeversham Lodge8396
22nd November 2019W.Bro. George Thompson Wise, PPSGWSkiddaw Lodge1002
16th November 2019Bro. Christopher Bryan FryBrigantes Lodge9734
29th October 2019W.Bro. Joseph Gibson, PPJGWMiramar Lodge4470
27th October 2019W.Bro. Alfred William HeathcoteEllen Vale Lodge7375
18th October 2019W.Bro. James Stephen Wilson, PPGRegDalston Lodge7132
15th October 2019W.Bro. Roland Dixon, PPJGDSkiddaw Lodge1002
4th October 2019W.Bro. Irwin Nigel HolmesHuddleston Lodge6041
3rd October 2019W.Bro. James Atkinson Brough, PPGStBMiramar Lodge4470
30th September 2019W.Bro. Robert Mason Murray, PPJGWUllswater Lodge3297
29th September 2019W.Bro. David Harris Jones, PPJGWHarmony Lodge4280
20th September 2019W.Bro. Douglas Armstrong Webster, PPJGDEden Lodge2285
15th September 2019W.Bro. William HuddartPillar Lodge7615
17th October 2019W.Bro, William Hugh Boak, PPGSuptWksBorder City Lodge2906
2nd October 2019W.Bro. David Thomas WallaceHuddleston Lodge6041
29th September 2019W.Bro. Desmond Martin WalmsleyBela Lodge7576
9th September 2019W.Bro. Christopher John Duffy, PPJGDSt. John's Lodge8660
15th August 2019W.Bro. James GrahamDerwentwater Lodge6041
23rd July 2019W.Bro. Harry CarrCumbria Lodge6643
21st July 2019W.Bro. Cyril WoodmanGospatric Lodge5286
18th July 2019W.Bro John Blair Sharpe, PPSGWEnnerdale Lodge4216
15th July 2019W.Bro. Harold SmithArlecdon Lodge1660
21st May 2019W.Bro Barry Thompson, PPJGWSun and Sector Lodge962
31st March 2019W.Bro. Ian Francis, PGJDBective Lodge1532
16th March 2019Bro. Rodney KimberUnattachedN/A
26th December 2018Bro. David HarperBrigantes Lodge9734
22nd December 2018W.Bro Dennis F. Turner, PAGDC.Carliol Lodge4089
18th December 2018W. Bro. H. D. Mavir, PJGDSun and Sector Lodge962
26th November 2018W.Bro Ronald James Bell Emmerson, PPrsgwBeacon Lodge6202
20th November 2018W.Bro Kenneth Bruce AldersonUter Pendragon Lodge3481
6th November 2018W.Bro W. Southward, PPrGSwdBEnnerdale Lodge4216
27th October 2018W.Bro James (Jim) Wise, PPSGWCopeland Lodge4607
25th October 2018W.Bro G Johnston, PPGSuptWksConcord Lodge8113
22nd October 2018Bro. G. HigginsTemperatia Lodge2854
25th September 2018W.Bro F B Walker, PPJGWWinder Lodge3984
11th September 2018W.Bro A M Eccles, PPJGDCumbria Lodge6643