Annual Meeting of PGLMMM 20 June 2019

Provincial meetings seem to come around more quickly every year and once again I am delighted that we have an attendance of over three hundred Brethren.

The Acting Provincial Officers have had a very busy year and I thank them all for their continued support. We have had a number of Team Visits throughout the year which included Tithe Barn Lodge No. 1345 in December when they celebrated their 50 Year Anniversary and also Cumbria Lodge of Installed Commanders No. 1466 who celebrated their 25th Anniversary. It was fitting that the Past Pro Grand Master was in attendance at this meeting as he was the Consecrating Officer of the Lodge in March 1994.

Three Brethren in the Province received 50 Year Certificates; VW Bro. A.W. Jackson, Past Assistant GM, Bro. George Bell, of Whitwell Lodge No. 151, and WBro. Brian Waites of Eden Valley Lodge, No. 888. I congratulate all these Brethren and thank them for their service to our Order.

The Deputy PGM and Assistant PGM have worked tirelessly on our behalf and my thanks go to them for their continued commitment.

The retiring Provincial Wardens, WBro John Riley & WBro Andrew Lister, have collectively made over 90 visits throughout the Province and I am sure they have enjoyed their term of office and I thank them for their concise reports.

Last week in London over 60 Brethren from our Province attended the annual Investiture meeting and 42 of our Brethren dined later at the Connaught Rooms. Three of our Brethren received the rank of PAGDC at this meeting, these being WBro Bill Bewley, WBro David Fallowfield & WBro Lee Dixon and WBro David Pigney received the acting rank of AGDC. In September at the promotions meeting I hope we can have similar support as 3 of our Brethren will receive promotions, WBro Keith Young –  PGJD, WBro Bob Nicholson – PGJD, and WBro Eric Holmes – PGJO who will now become a VW Bro. All of these appointments are well deserved and again I offer my congratulations.

In October last year our Past Pro GM was presented with a 60 year certificate in the Allied Masonic Degrees. It was fitting that this was presented by the Grand Master of the Order, RW Bro T.F.Jackson who is in attendance today.

In September last year WBro W.J. Bewley was installed as our Craft PGM and also Grand Supt. in the Royal Arch. He has already shown support to our Order and it was a delight to see him invested with Grand Rank last week in London and enjoying the evening with the Brethren later at the Imperial Hotel.

In 3 years’ time in 2022 the Province will celebrate our 150 year anniversary having been constituted in 1872. I have formed a committee under the chairmanship of the Asst PGM to make arrangements to celebrate this event and I am sure you will hear more about this as ee approach that milestone.

Once again brethren you have been generous with your donations towards the Mark Benevolent Fund. Our Provincial Charity Steward WBro Tom Hodgson has worked hard in collating these funds and many Brethren have received MBF Collarettes which have all been presented in your own lodges. The Provincial Benevolent Fund has supported the MBF Festival in Sussex which will be held on the 6th July and also the Festival for next year which will be held in Kent. Once again this year we have supported Lifelites with £2000 and it was pleasing to see that Lifelites also received £140,000 from the MBF. The trustees of our Benevolent Fund have approved other grants recently which will be shown on the Provincial website and I thank WBro Andrew Inglesfield for looking after the postings to the site.

The Prov Registrar WBro David Robinson together with his team have for the second year produced the calendar and directory which proves invaluable and this Directory will continue in its present form.

In the RAM Degree we had another successful assembly in April at Cleator Moor with 106 in attendance and it always a delight to invest 10 Past Commanders with Prov RAMGR. Last December in London at the RAM Investiture meeting 3 of our Past Commanders were rewarded with RAMGR – WBro Keith Beaumont, WBro Peter Sacre and WBro Dennis Whicker. All of these Brethren give valued service to our order and long may it continue.

Regrettably 21 of our Brethren passed to the Grand Lodge above this year and they will all be sadly missed. I thank the Prov Almoner for the continued support he gives to their families.

The Prov Secretary WBro Peter Sacre in his first full year in office together with his team have worked tirelessly to make our meeting a success and I am aware of the time and commitment involved and I am grateful to you all. The Prov DC and his team have also worked hard, not just today but throughout the year at all Installations, team visits and special events.

I have appointed and promoted many Bethren today and you are all deserving of your new ranks and I hope the acting officers will enjoy what I know will be yet another busy year.

Once again I thank you all for your attendance today and i look forward to your company later at the Shepherds Inn. Please continue to enjoy our wonderful Orders and continue to support the Craft as this is where we derive our membership from.

Thank you for your attention and Mark Well.