Welcome from the Provincial Grand Master.

Freemasonry in England and Wales is divided into Provinces, which are broadly the same as Counties, and as the Provincial Grand Master of Cumberland & Westmorland (which are old counties which are now part of Cumbria), I lead about 2000 Freemasons in the area. 

We currently have about 70 Lodges meeting across 26 meeting places spread from Brampton and Carlisle in the North to Kirkby Lonsdale in the South and from Alston in the East to Workington on the West coast. 

A lot of our members also belong to our sister Order, the Royal Arch, which I lead as the Grand Superintendent. 

Freemasonry is intended to offer those who are members the opportunity to make themselves better individuals and demonstrate to others that they are considerate, kind and charitable to those less fortunate than themselves, irrespective of whether or not they are Freemasons. 

The values of our organisation are Integrity – Building Good People; Respect – Building Unity; Friendship – Building Together; and Charity – Building Compassion. 

Our meetings take the form of ceremonies performed from memory. These are designed to impart moral lessons in a way that makes an impact on those who progress through them.  Our ceremonies are then followed by a meal with some formalities, but also some fun!  Different lodges operate on different days, have different dining arrangements and indeed costs, which the members decide.  Any man who believes in a Supreme Being, by whatever name known, may apply to join.  

I do hope this website will be of interest to both members and to non- members who wish to learn more and may be thinking of joining our international fraternity which has been in existence for over 300 years. It aims to bring together good men regardless of background, religion or political persuasion and promote tolerance, charity and integrity. 

You can read more about our organisation on this website or by visiting the United Grand Lodge of England website www.ugle.org.uk. If you are interested in joining us you will find a form to enable you to make contact with our Provincial Grand Membership Officer here, alternatively if you have a more general query, please get in touch with our Provincial Grand Secretary by using this contact form.