The Lodge Royal Arch Contact

This page explains the roles and responsibilites of the Lodge Royal Arch Contact and provides useful resources.

The Royal Arch Contact works within the Craft Lodge, promoting the Royal Arch and acting as a source of advice to Brethren considering membership of the Chapter. The role is complementary to the Chapter Mentor who essentially “takes over” once a Brother has applied for membership of a Chapter.

Lodge Royal Arch Contact – the role:

The Royal Arch Contact is a designated Brother in the Lodge who is a competent source of information with regard to Royal Arch Masonry. 

His prime responsibilities are: 

  • To promote and maintain awareness of the existence of the Royal Arch amongst those Brethren who are not members of the Order.
  • To be able to give the correct information in response to questions and enquiries about the Royal Arch.
  • To be able to promote the Royal Arch in such a manner that newly raised Master Masons will seriously consider joining the Order.
  • To be able to direct a Master Mason who is considering applying for exaltation into a suitable Chapter (e.g. a Chapter which is most suitable to his personal situation and can offer him suitable Companionship).
  • To encourage those who, for whatever reason, have left the Order to consider re-joining. 

While a proactive approach to achieving these aims and objectives is essential, tact and diplomacy are required. A Craft Lodge cannot reasonably be expected to devote an undue amount of time in Open Lodge towards achieving these objectives

The Province has prepared a booklet dedicated to the role of Royal Arch Contact. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

C&W Royal Arch Contact Guide

It is designed to be printed as an A5 booklet.

Royal Arch Contact Job Description



If you are a Lodge Royal Arch Contact and have a question, please email us and we will try to answer it. Likewise, if you have developed your own resources and would like to share them with other RA Contacts then please get in touch.

Downloadable resources for Lodge RA Contacts:

Why Should I Join?

Why Join the Royal Arch

Why Should Master Masons Join?


Example Address to a Newly-Raised Master Mason

To Seek For That Which Was Lost

Temple of Zerubbabel

Overview of the RA Ceremony

Guide for New RA Masons

Chapter Officers’ Jewels

Form of the Chapter

Exaltation Explained


In addition, W Bro Peter Mason is more than happy to visit Craft Lodges to give a presentation on why brethren should consider joining the Royal Arch. Click here for details