Director of Ceremonies

This page explains the roles and responsibilities of the Chapter Director of Ceremonies.

The Three Principals have appointed you Director of Ceremonies of the Chapter, and invested you with the Collar and Jewel of your office. Your duty is to see that the ceremonies are carried on with propriety and decorum, the Visitors and Companions placed according to their rank, and the officers in their respective stations. I trust you will give to your duties the attention which their importance demands. 
These, Comp. Director of Ceremonies, are the duties of your office according to the ritual. You will see that you need to be ‘A paragon of virtue, blessed with the infinite Wisdom of Solomon and the tact and diplomacy of a United Nations Peacemaker!’.


The “glue that holds the Chapter together”; “the one who organises everyone”; “the guy in charge.” These words and probably many others are applied to the Chapter DC. Undoubtedly it is a key office and one without which no Chapter could operate effectively.

DCs are generally highly experienced Royal Arch masons who know their business well. This is not to say that all Chapter Convocations are run in an identical fashion (nor should they). In 2012, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies ran seminars for Chapter DCs in order to identify areas of good practice that could be shared between Chapter Officers as well as practical tips to ensure that the Convocation and after-proceedings are run as efficiently as possible.

In the right hand column of this webpage you will find a practical guide based on the ProvGDC’s seminar plus other useful resources.




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Guide for DCs

This is a practical guide containing hints for all Chapter DCs. It has been prepared based on a seminar given to Chapter DCs by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E. Comp. Barrie Bower.

The following papers may be of use to DCs:

Form of the Chapter UPDATED

Guidance on Wearing Breast Jewels UPDATED Sep 2017

Up or Down……?

Making More Sense

Saluting the Pedestal

Guidance: Sharing Ritual

Janitor’s Card

Double Exaltations

Offering the Sceptre NEW

Interest and Involvement

Officer Collars

Principal’s Song (Music 1)

Principals Song (Music) 2

Principals Song (Words)

Setting the Scene NEW!

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