Royal Arch Ceremonies & Ritual


This page contains useful Royal Arch Ritual resources. This includes workings that are able to be shared between Companions, thus making the process of learning the words and actively participating in the ceremonies much less daunting.

Please be assured that this is in no way an attempt to standardise the ritual. Although the workings that can be downloaded from this page may differ from those in your own Chapter, the principle of splitting the work can be read across to other Royal Arch rituals.

Royal Arch Ritual: Opening, Closing, Exaltation, Installation

Alternative Exaltation Ritual (Shared)

Aldersgate Ritual (Shared)

Charge After Enlightenment

Installation Addresses

Opening Address

Valedictory Address

Revised Historical Lecture

Revised Symbolical Lecture

Revised Mystical Lecture

IPZ Jewel Presentation UPDATED

Procedure for Principal Continuing for a Further 12 Months

Induction of Past Principal into the Chair of J

Induction of Past Principal into the Chair of Z, H

Scripture Readings

Phonetic Guide to Pronunciation

Exaltation: Setting the Scene

How Does Sharing The Ritual Inspire? NEW

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