Ennerdale Lodge No. 4216 Installation

Over 70 Brethren packed into the lodge room at Wath Brow on Wednesday 17th October to witness the memorable Installation of W.Bro. John Blair Sharpe. 

The members of Ennerdale Lodge No. 4216 were delighted to receive The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Keith Beaumont was the official representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master, and was accompanied on the evening by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, William Morley and 7 other Grand officers . They were there to attend the first installation of a past master into the chair of Ennerdale Lodge in their 97 year History.

W.Bro Sharpe was proficiently installed into the chair of King Solomon by W.Bro Ian Grant and afterwards the working tools were expertly delivered by Brothers; Russell Newlove (3rd) Christopher Davison (2nd) and Matthew Gill (1st). Christopher and Matthew, the newest members of the lodge, are John’s Grandson and Grandson-in-law respectively and had only joined the lodge this year. John’s Son-In-Law and Director of Ceremonies, was visibly pleased at the result of the hard work he had put in in ensuring that the installation went so well.

W.Bro. John Sharpe then  invested his officers in the traditional Ennerdale Lodge way, and payed tribute to Ian Grant for his dedication and commitment to his lodge in travelling from Preston to attend his meetings as Worshipful Master,


Pictured L-R: W.Bro Keith Beaumont, APGM, W.Bro John Sharpe, PPSGW, W.Bro Ian Grant and W.Bro William Morley, DPGM.


Pictured L-R: Bro. Matthew Gill, W.Bro. John Sharpe, W.Bro. Mark Davison and Bro. Christopher Davison.
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