Social Media Policy Guidelines

Dear all,

Social media platforms have become increasingly popular channels for Freemasons to communicate in 2020. This trend will continue to grow and has huge potential for us to promote our organisation.

Social media provides ways to share content with a wide audience, and as such are excellent tools for sharing information about Freemasonry and Masonic activities. However, as with any powerful tool, social media needs to be used with caution, as incorrect use can have a damaging impact on Freemasonry’s public image, and therefore on Freemasonry itself.

 The linked document below from United Grand Lodge has been written to assist individuals and Masonic lodges and chapters to use these platforms effectively, confidently, and within the compass of propriety.

Please read and use the guidance to ensure we get the best from using social media and avoid any negativity in a very public forum.

Submitted by Peter Clark Provincial Communications Officer

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