A short history of Edenside 6569

On the 15th of December 2021, Edenside lodge, which meets at Dalston, sadly surrendered their warrant of the lodge. W.Bro Ian St John D’Arcy, The Assistant Provincial Grand Master was in attendance and was well supported by provincial officers and visiting brethren.

The Lodge was Constituted in 1948 when 3 Lodges were founded at around the same time at the end of the Second World War, the last one of these 3 being Edenside. It was founded by efforts of 18 Members from Union Lodge 310 and 2 members from Bective 1532. 7 names were selected to appear on the Warrant presented by the R.W. Provincial Grand Master the Rev. Canon S.P.L. Curwen, accompanied by a team of Provincial Officers.              These worthy brethren were from a selection of professional backgrounds and were all prepared to work for the good of the Lodge. That being so, that the first 11 Masters were part of the original founders. Throughout the early years, these founders took on the important offices in the lodge, such as Secretary, D.C, Treasurer and helped in any way they could. This was proof that these brethren were committed members of Edenside lodge from the start.

In the early days, Union Lodge were particularly helpful in loaning regalia and equipment for the Lodge consecration and they even helped with the early Lodge meetings. Without this help, it would have been difficult for the new lodge to meet. There were so many applications for membership of the new ‘Edenside’ Lodge, that to avoid any ill-feeling, the list closed in the August of the first year and only reopened when the backlog was cleared. There was a broad spectrum of jobs and professions represented among the membership, which rose to over 100 in the first decade, and eventually reached approximately 130 members in the early 80’s.

The original Lodge Banner was designed by W.Bro. G.H. Hamblin of Bective Lodge and was replaced with the same design in 1983 thanks to a legacy from W.Bro. George Howson, the lodge organist for many years. The Banner was dedicated by the then Prov. G.M. Rt Rev. William Edward Augustus Pugh. Another bequest in 1969 from Bro. David Chisholm purchased a trophy for an Annual Bowls event to be competed for by the Carlisle Group of Lodges. In 1962, The Lodge received a letter from a W.Bro. Chorley in London asking if the Lodge would object to a new Lodge being named ‘London Edenside’. The brethren of Edenside Carlisle were of course delighted and a Deputation were invited to attend the Consecration.

The Worshipful Master at the time (1964), W. Bro. Bunt Bowman and four Brethren travelled to London to attend and presented the new Lodge with three Gavels made by W. Bro. Batey, from timbers from Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle Castle and Tullie House. The established friendship between the two Lodges continued for many years ahead. The ‘London Edenside’ Lodge started by holding their meetings in a lodge room in Grand Lodge they then moved to a room in tower buildings until they settled finally in the Masonic building in Clerkenwell. Sadly, London Edenside handed in their warrant in 2017.

This meeting was one of sorrow, and one of joy, sorrow that the lodge was surrendering its warrant after 73 years, but the 73 years were happy and should be celebrated by the members of Edenside and all who attended.

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