Alan Curtis  celebrates his Golden Jubilee in Freemasonry on Thursday 27th January 2022

On the 22nd November 1970, a young man of 32 years of age presented himself for initiation into Freemasonry, in Creighton lodge no 8071.

Brethren our nostalgic journey starts in 1938: Alan Peter Curtis was born.

Alan was educated at Robert Ferguson and Morley Schools, both at Denton Holme and also at Creighton School.

Upon leaving school he completed an apprenticeship as an Electrician with NWEB.

In 1960, Alan like many of that time was conscripted to National Service; the date of his call up was 30th June 1960, the requirement for young men to attend for National Service ceased on 1st July 1960, he really was one of the last to be called up.

He joined the RAF to train as a wireless fitter

Upon completion of the basic courses, he went to Locking and completed a Fitters course appointed Direct Entry Fitter, he was then promoted to Junior Technician and posted to Henlow.

He worked all over the UK on communications and rewiring Control Tower.

When discharged from National Service he returned to Carlisle and commenced work at 14MU as a Radio Technician, following a promotion he moved to St Athan, finally moving back to Carlisle after he had secured a job at the new British Gypsum Plaster Products Factory as a Works Electrical Engineer.

A further move took him to Carlisle Colleague as a lecturer in Electronics, during his time at the college he worked hard and various promotions and qualifications followed; he ended his career as the Principal Lecturer and Deputy Director of Studies.

Alan had 2 Sons, 1 Daughter and 3 Grandchildren.

Alan has been actively involved with Carlisle Scouts – Scout Master for 13th Scouts and he also acted as their treasurer, as well as Council Youth Leader.

In addition, he’s involved as a Sideman at St Michael’s Church, in Carlisle.

Alans’s life was certainly well lived.

Alans Masonic career started when you Joined Creighton lodge, in Carlisle on 22nd November 1970.

Alan’s interest in Masonry started when he was working at 14MU along with Dennis Turner whose Father-in-Law was already a member; he was attracted to Creighton lodge because it bore the same name as your old School.

He progressed through all the offices of Creighton lodge and attained the Chair of KS in 1983, again in 2002 and 2008. Alan has been an active member of this lodge and the others within our Province.

He completed your journey in Pure and Ancient Freemasonry when he was exalted into Border City Chapter in 1972 and later became a founder member of St Michaels Chapter.

In recognition of his dedication to our Order he has received the following appointments and Promotions in Provincial Grand Lodge:

1991 – First Appointment to PPJGD

1997 – Promotion to PPGReg

2001 – Promotion to the very high rank of PPJGW

Holy Royal Arch – 2001 – First appointment PPGReg

2005 – Promotion to PPGSN


Brethren, from that initiation some 51 years ago, Worshipful Brother Curtis has become a well-known, respected, and valued member of both this distinguished lodge and also the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland.

Congratulations to Alan on this amazing achievement, we wish him many more happy years in Freemasonry.

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