D Day commemoration event

As part of our D Day commemoration event 🇬🇧 one of our esteemed members will be playing the bagpipes at several locations throughout Cumbria, paying an amazing tribute to Bill Millin, who marched the troops onto the beaches on D day🇬🇧
From May 28 – our piper will play his bagpipes every day for 10 days in locations including Kendal, Carlisle, Ambleside and Windermere, coinciding and In conjunction with the national tribute which will be happening in the Isle of Man🇬🇧
It is to honour the memory of Bill Millin, who was instrumental during the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.
As the personal piper to Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, and commander of the 1st Special Service Brigade, Millin boldly contravened the British military’s prohibition on pipers at the front.
Adorned in his Cameron tartan kilt and equipped solely with his bagpipes, he strode along Sword Beach, playing Highland Laddie and The Road to the Isles, bolstering the morale of the Allied invaders and confounding the opposition.
In a stroke of fortune, Millin emerged from the day without harm; German sharpshooters later confessed their reluctance to target him, suspecting insanity.
Millin’s valour and the eerie melodies of his pipes amid the tumult of combat have enshrined him as a timeless emblem of bravery and resistance.
What an amazing honour that we have to be able to do this, and it will be quite a moving thing to do.
It will happen at 8am starting on the 28th may, the same time at which he marched the troops onto the beach…..
Quite a remarkable piece to commemorate this amazing place in the history books🇬🇧
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