D Day Remembered

John S Barnes MBE, was born in Blackburn on 24th August 1924, having fought, with distinction during WWil, he later became a successful businessman and lived and worked in Kendal.

In 1944 John was a member of 5m Battalion East Lancs. John, along with British and Canadian forces, landed at Normandy on D Day plus 6, with the objective of taking Caen.

In the following days the East Lancs regiment suffered great losses, losing 739 out of 1400 men.

Following on from D Day, John’s administrative skills were put into use when he became personal assistant to Lt Gen Miles Dempsey C.B.D.S.O, commander of the British 2d Army.

Gen Dempsey was heavily involved in the capitulation of the German forces at Luneburg, a process which also involved John.

The surrender was conducted by General Montgomery and this painting was commissioned to mark the event.

When Montgomery saw that the finished painting included Dempsey, he had him painted out, so that it looks like Montgomery is alone. As you can see, the gap is very obvious.

John was a founder member of Heversham Lodge, in our province, what an amazing story and connection we have to this 👌🏼🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 he is one of the people at the back of the painting!

United Grand Lodge of England

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