Lewis Lodge No. 872 donate £300 to RNLI

At their installation meeting in January, Lewis Lodge raised £300 which they donated to the RNLI.

Lewis Lodge presented the cheque to the  Workington lifeboat crew lead by coxswain John Stobbart.

John Stobbart invited Lewis lodge members and families on board to see the new state of the art £2m Shannon class lifeboat. We were then treated to a trip out to sea to demonstrate some of the lifeboat’s outstanding capabilities Everyone was impressed by the new lifeboat and the insight they gained into the essential work that the volunteer crews do in keeping our seas and shoreline safe. In fact, not only at sea, they gave invaluable assistance and support when Cumbria suffered massive flooding inland.

Cheque presentation to the RNLI, received by Coxswain John Stobbart
W.Bro. Bill Holliday and WM Keith Straughton
Dorothy May White at Speed
Luke Jackson (JW) and Teddy plotting their course.
Inside the Shannon Class Lifeboat
Submitted by:  W.Bro. Keith Straughton.
WM Lewis Lodge No.872
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