Masons help with Dementia week in Cumbria

As part of Dementia week🧸 we have donated several teddies, colouring books and puzzles to two care homes in Cumbria.
Residents of Apple Thwaite Green, Windermere and Stone Cross Care Home, Kendal, whom suffer from dementia were gratefully pleased to receive these gifts, to enable them find comfort.
Providing a nurturing and supportive environment can help minimise the stress and anxiety associated with the condition. Comfort objects, such as teddies, can be a source of solace and can offer a sense of familiarity and security in a world that may feel increasingly foreign to someone with dementia. They can nurture and care for the teddy, which stimulates those positive emotions and might remind them of a time when they had young children or a pet of their own.
The teddies are part of the “Teddies for loving care” appeal that the freemasons do. This initiative provides unique cuddly bears to Accident & Emergency departments for medical staff to give at their discretion to young children. The bears are used to calm children down, reward them for being brave or to demonstrate procedures. Often the bears distract children so nurses and doctors can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. The TLC teddy has become an invaluable tool for medical professionals and a real comfort for the patients.
John Wrennall, South West Cumberland group chairman was extremely proud to be able to deliver these yesterday 🥰🧸
Local Freemasons supporting an amazing local cause
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