New Provincial Tie

The competition to design our Deputy Provincial Grand Master a new tie resulted in two winners (W. Bro Allan Cather and Bro Robbie Wright) chosen by the  Provincial and Deputy Provincial Grand Masters with the much needed support of their wives (Jennifer and Jessie). Both winners provided  similar designs which have been sent to a tie manufacturer for final design and production of a sample.  The ties should be available by early April and can be worn at all provincial meetings (Craft and Holy Royal Arch).

The judges were impressed by the standard of entry, the youngest entry was from the grandson of W.Bro David Haley  who is just 4 1/2 years old. Another impressive design was from 12 year old Ella Bosward. Member’s wives also got involved, with entries from Mrs J Hatton, Mrs Angela Walker, Mrs G Douglas and many more.

The judges would like to thank everyone for their designs and are very sorry to those that weren’t successful, but hope that  you will appreciate the design that has been selected and wear it with pride around the province.


Below are some of the entries that were received:



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