Underley Lodge Masonic “Digs”

The Underley Lodge of Freemasons in Kirkby Lonsdale has launched a new initiative involving metal detecting digs, to raise funds for much needed repairs to the roof on the Masonic Hall at 7, Fairbank. Future fundraising digs will be dedicated to supporting good causes both locally & nationally.
Masonic fundraising Digs are being led by Underley Lodge member Laurie Pearson, an enthusiastic metal detectorist with over 40 years’ experience, in finding long buried valuable artefacts all over the UK.
Laurie’s plan going forward is to roll this project out to other lodges around the province whose members can obtain permission themselves from their local Landowners.
For more information about Masonic Fundraising Digs, please contact Laurie Pearson as follows:-
Email: Loppergarth@gmail.com
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