Underley Lodge raise £1000

Well! What can I say, another £1000 raised on yesterday’s Masonic Charity Dig for Underley Masonic Lodge 1074. The weather shone on our efforts once more, and a group of our loyal Metal Detecting followers from our Facebook Page, ‘As Above So Below’ turned up from as far away as Durham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow as well as many from within our own province. I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank our very own Charity Steward, W. Bro. Stephen Robinson for his belief in this initiative and allowing me to prove the viability of this extremely lucrative project to take its first steps on his Land at Gatebeck!! On behalf of ALL of those less fortunate than us brethren, who rely of our charity, Thank you Stephen!
This project has the full backing of our PGDGM, Bill Morley and our PGCS, Peter Caunce. So I would call on ALL Brethren across this wonderful province of ours to reflect on the reality of what has just taken place over just two visits to a relatively small 170 acre farm. We raised £2000! no fuss, very little work, all cash gathered within a space of 15 minutes! I really need you guys now! I need you all to reach out to me in order for me to visit your lodge so that my team can present this wonderful opportunity in order that you yourselves can capitalise. I have the people waiting for New Land on which to detect. Remember this…A Sunday without Land on which to dig, is a £1000 lost to Charity! So come on, if you do own Land, or you know someone who does, please reach out to me now. My details are: Bro. Laurie Pearson. Email: Loppergarth@Gmail.com mobile:07562788292
Oh, and as an aside, We now have two new candidates who expressed an interest in Freemasonry. I will be forwarding on their details to their local lodges.
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