We need your help

Our Provincial website provides information about Cumberland & Westmorland Freemason’s to anyone who visits the site, be it a Freemason, a potential candidate or the general public, we have a great opportunity to connect with these people.

However in order to keep the website fresh we need new content on a regular basis. some of the content is provided by the Provincial Team, but to help us promote the news from around the Province we need your help, either it coming from the Lodge or an individual.

We ask you to send us your articles with the following information, WHAT is the article about, WHERE did the event take place, WHO was involved, WHEN di it take place. Ideally accompanied by at least one photograph (with names), with todays camera phones this is a lot easier. The article need only be around two or three paragraphs, don’t worry to much about  the layout the Communications Team will help with that.

Please note you must have consent from everyone in the photograph BEFORE you submit it for publication.

Please forward your articles to one of the Provincial Communications Team for consideration..   Joseph Jackson – eastlakescommunicatiosn@gmail.com        David Denwood – davedenwood@sky.com     Stephen Leece – SWCGcommunications@outlook.com

If you have further ideas or comments we will be happy to consider them.

IMPORTANT NOTE – All articles you wish to submit to the local press should first be sent to our Provincial Communications Officer W. Bro Peter Clark PAGDC for approval. This will help to avoid any embarrassing errors

W.Bro Stephen Leece

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