100 Masonic Questions & Answers now available as an A5 Booklet! – 13 February Updated Details

100 Q&A’s include the answers to questions such as:
What is a Cowan?
Where did the word ‘mote’ come from?
Why do we have ‘lights’ at the Master and Wardens pedestals?
Why is the P… W… leading to the 2nd Degree depicted as an E of C near to a F of W?
Why is the WM seated in the East?
Why do we square the Lodge?
What does ‘high time’ mean?
Why does the SW and not the WM close the Lodge?
What is the significance of the Compasses presented to the N…. left B….. ?
What is the length of a cable Tow?
Which way round should the VSL be placed on the Masters pedestal?
When did the Office of Inner Guard originate? 

59 pages with 100 Q&A’s you’ve always wanted to ask!
No Lodge Mentor should be without a copy!

Updated Advert 13/02/2021 – Postage and payment details added – Click on the link below and find out how you can obtain your copy/copies



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