Derwentwater Lodge No.6375 donate to help refurbish the Alhambra Cinema in Keswick

The exterior of the Alhambra Cinema Thanks to W Bro Neil Pritt for the photo

The owners of Keswick’s Alhambra Cinema celebrated after receiving a surprise donation of £1,000 from Derwentwater Lodge No.6375 towards its renovation which had cost £35,000.

Established in 1913, the Alhambra is a little gem of cinema heritage and one of very few picture houses to have remained in continuous operation for over 100 years. The cinema owners set up a Crowdfunding website to complete the restoration, repair the ceiling and repaint the auditorium in its original colours, and it was set to close short of its target of £15,000.

The  iconic cinema in St John’s Street, Keswick, is located opposite the Masonic Lodge and is a much-loved community asset. When the brethren heard of the shortfall they quickly stepped in and were only too pleased to help.

Carol Rennie, who owns the cinema with her husband Alan Hasler along with her father and mother, Tom and Sylvia Rennie, said, “ The news of such a hugely generous sum from the Derwentwater Lodge of Freemasons, on the last day of our campaign, has blown us away. We’ve already been staggered by the generosity of the town and this, our largest donation, tops it all. We are so incredibly grateful”.

A “wall of supporters” is installed in the foyer of the cinema and the name of the Lodge, along with others who have given £50 and over, is inscribed for all to see now and in the future. A good example of local Freemasons helping their local community.

The interior of the newly-refurbished cinema. Thanks to Rob Grange Photography.


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