Last Wednesday evening a demonstration team from the Custodes Copiae Chapter of Provincial Grand Stewards No 9430 delivered, for the third time in the Province, a completely different Royal Arch presentation arranged by the Deputy Grand Superintendent entitled “From Darkness to Light !” in Penrith Masonic Hall.

This presentation has been produced entirely for members of the Craft who have not joined the Royal Arch and takes them on a journey beyond the Third Degree ending with the death of Hiram, to demonstrate that there is more to learn to complete the full Craft story, which can only be obtained by joining the Royal Arch.

Our concern is that many of our Craft members have not been given the full facts, or in some cases no facts at all, concerning the indissoluble link between the Craft and the Royal Arch and are therefore are not able to make an informed choice whether to join or not.

Those who attended were taken on a journey from a re-enactment of the death of Hiram Abiff and the loss of the ‘genuine secrets’ in the 3rd Degree to the Chapter room, (but not as you have previously seen it!) led by the Principal Sojourner and using several rooms, accompanied by lighting effects and background music to explain the reasons how the Royal Arch completes the picture by a rediscovery of ‘that which was lost’ in the Third Degree.

The story was narrated and the words ‘acted out’ in an excellent manner by the team, with a few surprising ‘star performances’ worthy of an Oscar or two! In the course of ‘the journey’ a PowerPoint version of the ‘Janitors Card’ is shown and, at the end of ‘the journey,’ another PowerPoint presentation, giving an overview of the Masonic progression from Craft to Royal Arch was shown.

If any of the other Groups in the Province are interested in taking advantage of this new presentation and would like us to deliver it in a suitable venue within their Group or Groups – Please contact the Scribe E of Custodes Copiae Chapter – E.Comp. Graeme Wilson by email at: or myself by email at: dgsupt@cumbriafreemasons .org

E.Comp. Peter Mason, PGSN,
Deputy Grand Superintendent.

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