Message from the Provincial Grand Almoner


I trust that this finds you all well and ready for the festive season.

 More than 15,000 refugees arriving in the UK from Afghanistan will be provided basic essentials such as food, clothing and baby milk through the British Red Cross. The MCF gave £25,000 to the Red Cross to help fund this relief effort.

 For more information –

Over 65,000 people will be able to put food on the table this Christmas thanks to grants to 35 foodbanks across England and Wales. The £343,000 required is funded jointly by all Provinces across England, Wales and the MCF –

 Through the work of the MCF £20.5 million has been given in charitable grants to vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society in our local communities. From Covid-19 support to education and mental health

 In a year of change and challenge the charitable giving of all Freemasons has not faltered.

 Please circulate this information so that we can all take pride in this amazing generosity. 

 Kind Regards


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