Local Schools get learning support from local Freemasons

The members of Windemere lodge discovered the difficulties that the local schools in the area had faced during the covid-19 pandemic, so the local freemasons decided to step in and help with this problem. During the lockdown, local schools in Windermere faced many problems in getting the children set up for remote learning. Both a mixture of outdated equipment and limited numbers seemed to contribute to these issues.

This posed a real challenge for the schools when it comes to continuing the vital work of educating the pupils. So, the Freemasons of Windermere decided to step in, and help their 3 local schools. The process has taken nearly a year to complete, and 10 laptops were purchased and donated to the local schools. The following 3 schools received these laptops on the 13th of December 2021, with many local children getting valuable educational use from them:

  • St Martin’s and St Mary’s School Windermere, 5 Laptops.
  • St Cuthbert’s Junior School, 2 Laptops.
  • Goodly Dale Junior School, 3 laptops.

Laptops provide invaluable educational support for school children, and they will help the schools be more flexible with their learning, both during the pandemic and beyond.

Local Freemasons, supporting the local community.

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