W Bro Cyril Godfrey Dean celebrates 60 years of being a member of Luell Lodge No.6482

On the 10th of January, W Bro Cyril Godfrey Dean was awarded a 60 Year Certificate for being a member of Luell Lodge for over 60 years. The actual anniversary was Monday 4th October 2021 but due to Covid restrictions at the time, the presentation was deferred. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master was in attendance and presented Cyril with his certificate. Cyril was born in March 1937 at George street Carlisle and attended Brook Street Secondary Modern School, this pleased Cyril greatly as there were no exams as such and he left there at 15 years of age.
Cyril was married to Wendy for 58 years. They had 3 children Nigel, Phillip and William and have 11 grandchildren.
Cyril was the Car Sales Director at County Motors covering Carlise, Penrith and Barrow and during that time obtained a city in guilds professional qualification in Motor Engineering.

Cyril was initiated on the 3rd October 1960 and passed and raised in 1961. Cyril was Lodge Steward from 1963-69 and became Master of Luell Lodge during 1975-76. In addition to that, Cyril is currently the Master of Luell Lodge. In 1977, Cyril was promoted to the rank of Provincial Grand Steward, then PPJGD and in 1993 became PPJGW. 1999 saw Cyril become a Grand Lodge Officer and was further rewarded in 2009 by Grand Lodge for all his commitment, work and example set to others during his years as a member.
Cyril was a founder member of John Hale Lodge in 2007 and founding treasurer of Zenith Lodge. A member of Chapter of Union, becoming Z in 1985 and z of the Installed Principals Lodge No 8071. He became Past Provincial Grand Steward in 1986 and PProvSN in 1996. Cyril acted as  Deputy Director of Ceremonies from 1993 to 1999 and then the high ranks of 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in 2006 and 2nd Provincial Grand Principal in 2007

A man who started as a motor mechanic, moving to salesman, and then sales director, shows the expertise and talent that was latent in him. The DPGM finished by telling Cyril “He had always been a great admirer of him and aII he had done in your business life and freemasonry, which was why he was here to celebrate and he was honoured to be in a position to be able to present him with his 60th certificate”.

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