Report from the Grand Imperial Conclave on the 2nd July 2024

At the meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave on the 2nd July 2024, Cumbria Division were very well represented with 13 Worthy Knights travelling to London to support R.Ill.Kt Joseph Sudhakar, Intendant General, Ill.Kt David Stewart, Deputy Intendant General, and to celebrate with the Cumbria Division members who were appointed and promoted on the day. These were –

V.Ill.Kt Shane Huddart, promoted to Past Grand High Almoner

Ill.Kt Keith Young, promotion to Past Grand Chamberlain

Ill.Kt Andrew Lister, first appointment to Assistant Grand Marshal (Acting)

Ill.Kt David Bowden, first appointment to Past Grand Prefect

P.Kt Robert Nicholson, first appointment to the Grand Sepulchre Guard

After the meeting the 13 Cumbria Division members enjoyed the festive board in a packed Connaught rooms with members from all corners of the country and overseas, before heading to Euston station to catch the train home.

Anyone who is interested in joining one of the 5 Red Cross Conclaves in the Cumbria Division can contact the Divisional Recorder, Andrew Moore, email for further information.

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