Bro Ross Murphy’s Sponsored Walk for the Jigsaw Children’s Hospice

On the 31st Aug 2019, Bro Ross Murphy of Sun and Sector Lodge No.962 will be taking part in a 30 mile walk over the Lake District in order to raise money for Jigsaw Children’s Hospice.

After visiting the hospice last month it became apparent that the children required an outdoor area that they could use and this would be beneficial to the end of life care that these children receive.

The hospice runs on funds from other various sources and without the support and generosity of the public, they would not be able to sustain the facility.

Ross will also hold a charity evening after the walk where additional funds will be raised by raffling and auctioning various items donated by the public.

Ross would welcome sponsorship for the walk and also any raffle prizes that you could donate.

If you are free on that day, it would be brilliant to see a representation from various lodges at the event.

If anybody has any questions then please feel free to contact him.

Ross can be contacted at 

Alternatively, donate at


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